Carnivorous vegan – A Journey to Consciousness

Should I eat meat?


Well, actually, it doesn’t matter, for there is  no preference one way or the other

It makes little difference to the whole

You will find that when you vibrate  at a higher level (increase your conscious awareness) you won’t be able to eat meat – the desire for meat will no longer be accessible to you

So it is not so much that eating meat is bad or not bad – it is only available to you at certain vibrational (conscious) levels


Now you can increase your vibrational level (conscious awareness) by not eating meat, even when you still have access to the vibration


However the faster, more expansive way to raise your vibration around this matter, is to experience the feelings of  acceptance, appreciation and love  toward the ones that do

For they in fact, give you a great gift

They give you the opportunity to experience your best self, more consciously

And when you experience your best self

….experience yourself as forgiving, accepting, tolerant, loving, appreciating accepting….

You do much more to raise the vibration of the energy than you do by not eating meat


With Love